Dave Rushton and Paul Robertson : In Conversation

This long conversation covers territory that will be further explored in three exhibitions at MERZ in Sanquhar over the winter. The first exhibition, covering Conceptual art from 1966-1975 opens on 20th October at 6:00. All welcome. The opening also coincides with a viewing of the new Artist’s Bothy at MERZ built for artists to come,... Read More

Cosmic Collisions: birth, rebirth and the Universe

Cosmic Collisions: birth, rebirth and the Universe is a collaboration which reaches back to the forces and structures at the origin of our Universe and reveals and interprets those forces – those cosmic collisions – in new and unexpected collisions of art, architecture and the cosmos. The exhibition is also a meeting place of creators... Read More

Crichton Conversation : The Crawick Multiverse Story

Filmed at the Crichton Campus in Dumfries in December 2016 Charles Jencks introduces the reasoning and shaping of the 2017 ‘Cosmic Collisions’ additions to his Crawick Multiverse. Jencks introduces the June 23-24th 2017 Solstice speakers with its Cosmology theme together with expectations for the MERZ exhibition running from June 23 till September 10. Here too,... Read More

Nathalie Weadick : Dublin’s Buildings

Nathalie Weadick, Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation, introduces the buildings and architects that help tell the story of Dublin politics and culture, including Daniel Libeskind’s contributions to the regeneration on the waterfront*. From its Georgian library and residential squares to its new canal and seaside developments, Dublin has become a focus for international as... Read More

Ian Hunter : Kurt Schwitters MERZ Barn

Ian Hunter of the Littoral Arts Trust outlines Kurt Schwitter’s migration story. Fleeing the Nazis to Norway before the outbreak of war Schwitters left on the last boat out to Scotland, landing in Leith. Schwitters was initially interned in Edinburgh Castle then on the Isle of Man before being released to eventually settle in Ambleside.... Read More