Life under Lockdown

    Trailer for the Life under Lockdown exhibition at MERZ as part of the Sanquhar Arts Festival (open from 11:00-4:00 Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August).... Read More


    For Kurt Schwitters, MERZ was his manifesto. He explained it as “the combination of all conceivable materials for artistic purposes, and technically the principle of... Read More

    “I am an artist, theatrical scenic/lighting designer, and teacher based in New York City.  Much of my work centres around unconventional venues, including abandoned, historic, refurbished, and outdoor spaces.  My artwork aims to use repurposed or unusual materials in large scale and quantity as a way to draw emphasis to graphic elements already inherent in those preexisting spaces and environments.

    In my work at the MERZ Residency, I am experimenting with burlap sacks, plastics, wood, and other mixed media to develop a series of wall hangings and photographs that capture the graphic qualities of the surrounding pastures and their stone borders.  The work is a continuation of an ongoing experiment to juxtapose clean shapes against heavily textural materials”. Jason Maracani