The exhibition over the Easter weekend celebrates the continuity of the World’s Oldest Post Office by inviting artists from around the world to post their mail art to nearby MERZ for exhibition. The cards form a ‘call’ for ‘response’ from those receiving. Each card will be answered and both returned to the artist suitably stamped... Read More

    Saba Khansari : One step From Where We are

    Saba Khansari has been the artist in residence at MERZ since November 2023. Saba is an Iranian architect and photographer and has been living in Italy following completion of her Masters Degree. As part of the ERASMUS European Young Entrepreneurs programme Saba has been able to engage with fellow Iranian photographers and curate her exhibition... Read More

    Saba Khansari : 5 Iranian Photographers

    After the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran in January 1979, the government applied strict rules restricting the freedom of women. From two months after the revolution women had no right to appear in public without wearing the hijab These laws made it harder and harder for women to express their own identity: but... Read More

    Keira Mclean : Stained glass course and residency at MERZ

    In April 2024 celebrated Glasgow stained glass artist Keira Mclean will be running a six day course at MERZ followed by a twenty-one day residency for artists to develop work with stained, coloured and etched glass. The course is suitable for artists considering using glass and will begin by addressing the fear of working with... Read More


    This is an initial round-robin to artists and colleagues on a project MERZ is sounding-out to explore developing the remains of Sanquhar’s former brick workings. The area very loosely encircled in red on the map comprises a couple of remaining buildings (fewer than shown on this early map) with some rough grass land with a... Read More

    Adam Wynn : Exhibition Contributor

    Adam Wynn is one of a dozen contributors to the exhibition Collage : Satire, Defamation and Fakery on at MERZ throughout September. The exhibition is a prelude to the MERZ Workshop-Residency, Collage & Social Purpose being held throughout October 2023.

    Collage : Satire, Defamation & Fakery

      Collage: Satire, Defamation & Fakery explores collage’s social engagement in speaking truth(s) to power. Boundaries help distinguish our personal and professional responsibilities from those of others. Forced stereotypes contribute to bigotry much supported by slander and libel or defamation. Collage lends itself well to satire, to anticipate the consequences of poor leadership and self-inflated... Read More

    The Body Mends : Connie Michele Morey

    Connie Michele Morey was artist in residence at MERZ in July and August. Connie writes, “I am exploring my role in holding space for and healing intergenerational violence of the colonial system that continues to impact indigenous communities, and therefore all of us, in Canada and many parts of the globe.”

    More photos of Artist Residency accommodation at MERZ

      At MERZ we’ve completed building work (for a while!). MERZ now offers three bedroom accommodation at no 5 (or configured as two bedrooms upstairs with a living room and studio downstairs, and with recently added wood-burner), the Bothy has its loft-bed and Murphy-bed, both double-beds, while Tadpole has a king-sized loft-bed and Snug –... Read More

    Alan Robinson : New MERZ Window

    Stained Glass artist Alan Robinson recently completed his second window for MERZ. This window is located in Snug, the micro-flat within the MERZ staff-flat in Sanquhar. Alan incorporated locally found pottery, offcuts of Victorian stained glass as well as newly painted glass to depict elements of the four residential buildings at MERZ. Installed as part... Read More

    Art Particles : Museum of Model Art

    David Rushton‘s Art Particles 1/24th scale models opened on 27th May 2023 at the Museum of Model Art having been shown at the first Sanquhar Arts Festival in May 2019. The latest exhibition included the earliest of Rushton‘s models, a set design for The Rattle of a Simple Man from 1966. Alongside Art Particles was... Read More

    MERZ : Impressions of Sanquhar

    David Rushton’s ‘impression pot’ and Kristin Powers’ sculpture as ‘work in progress’ Impressions of Sanquhar at MERZ showcased the work of Kristin Powers and David Rushton to realise a possible new ceramics studio in Sanquhar: using local clay from the former brick-fields. If successful the ceramics studio will offer local training in pottery, development of... Read More

    Impressions of MERZ : Florian Kaplick

    As the finale to a wonderful evening interpreting Kurt Schwitters’ and Dada poetry – and with the help of A’ the Airts Youth Theatre – Florian Kaplick finished the evening with a collage of Beethoven and Schwiiters. WAR (2) presented the English (2023) version of Kurt Schwitters‘ ‘Moon‘ and Beethoven‘s Moonlight Sonata with piano and... Read More
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