Part-time Residency Managers

Following a meeting of the MERZ Advisory Panel Alice Landy from Kirkconnel and Jess Sharpe from Sanquhar were appointed part-time Residency Managers to assist the Director and support the artist residencies, future exhibitions and events in and around Sanquhar.  

Simon Beeson : Sway’s SPUD Works

Simon Beeson of the Arts University of Bournemouth introduces the evolving arts centre in Sway, New Forest. Beginning as a studio thirty years ago the building developed a gallery and studios, a mobile gallery and studio and most recently five new studios with a residency option. MERZ and SPUD are exploring residency-swops, with local artists... Read More

David Bainbridge : Paintings

David Bainbridge : Paintings Interview with Raj Chakraborti at the Model Art Gallery in Edinburgh in 2004. David Bainbridge was one of the four founder members of the Conceptual art group Art & Language. He left the group in 1972 and in the 1990s he turned to painting to address scenes from his earlier working... Read More

Charles Jencks & Daniel Libeskind : Cosmic Collisions at The Ogden Centre, University of Durham

The architects/artists Charles Jencks and Daniel Libeskind will be exhibiting COSMIC COLLISIONS with the cosmologists Carlos Frenk and Noam Libeskind at MERZ Gallery, Sanquhar from June 23rd till September 7th. Carlos Frenk is organising this year’s Solstice Lectures at Sanquhar Town Hall over the evening of Friday 23rd and throughout Saturday 24th June. Charles Jencks... Read More

Glyn Thompson : Elsa In Philadelphia

Dates: 3rd of August to the 24th September Venue: Long Corridor Elsa in Philadelphia fills in the gaps in the critical period between Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven’s disappearance from New York and re-emergence in Philadelphia in the spring of 1917. Beginning with a box of chocolates, a bottle of olive oil, and yet another arrest, this... Read More