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    Art Particles : Museum of Model Art

    David Rushton‘s Art Particles 1/24th scale models opened on 27th May 2023 at the Museum of Model Art having been shown at the first Sanquhar Arts Festival in May 2019. The latest exhibition included the earliest of Rushton‘s models, a set design for The Rattle of a Simple Man from 1966. Alongside Art Particles was the car factory canteen from Motorshow first shown at the New 57 Gallery in Edinburgh in 1979 and Conceptual Art Museum from Memory, first shown at Reconstruction and Fabrication an exhibition with Terry Atkinson and David Bainbridge at the first Edinburgh International Art Festival in 2004. An Art Particle model was shown at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen in David Rushton‘s Memory Maps exhibition of 2008. A book is in preparation for publication later in 2023 or early 2024 based around art-models to be titled Art-Models : Art as Conceit.