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    MERZ : Impressions of Sanquhar

    David Rushton’s ‘impression pot’ and Kristin Powers’ sculpture as ‘work in progress’

    Impressions of Sanquhar at MERZ showcased the work of Kristin Powers and David Rushton to realise a possible new ceramics studio in Sanquhar: using local clay from the former brick-fields. If successful the ceramics studio will offer local training in pottery, development of a range of local ‘impressions’ pots and vessels and provide opportunities for local clay sculpture residencies. In time it is hoped an apprentice potter will become involved to continue the development on behalf of the community. The MERZ exhibition proved very popular with support for all three elements of the proposal. An approach for funding for this community venture will be made over the next month or two.

    An exhibition within the Sanquhar Arts Festival of 27th-28th May 2023