MoMA Opening

The Museum of Model Art (MoMA) had a 170 visitors over the Sanquhar Arts Festival weekend. We hope to be open each weekend over the Summer from 11:00 till 4:00 and by arrangement at other times via or 07906692506

Dougie at ZIPStudio

Following his successful Spring Fling studio open weekend during the Sanquhar Arts Festival Dougie has been selected by Dumfries and Galloway council to work with kids at the upcoming Youth Beatz festival in Dumfries. Dougie will be working with young members of the public over the weekend to create a series of murals for the... Read More

Second Bothy

With the opening of the Museum of Model Art on the 23rd May thoughts have turned to the next phase of development. We hope to convert the present garage into an artists studio, bring a small square brick building back into use as a workshop or Bothy and to refurbish the kitchen and toilets with... Read More


Ahead of showing his work during Spring Fling and the Sanquhar Arts Festival Dougie Sharpe begins the first of four portraits of Kurt Schwitters on one of the MERZ art-houses sited on the green at ZIPStudio. A collage to celebrate the work of photo-montage artist Hannah Hoch will feature on a second Freedom n126. These... Read More

Sanquhar Cultural Quarter

A spin-off from the Arts Festival and work by the Upper Nithsdale Toursim Partnership the Sanquhar Cultural Quarter will provide signs to help visitors to locate local events and sites of interest that are open throughout the year.

Sanquhar Arts Festival

24 - 27 May 2019 Together with A’ the Airts MERZ launches the first Sanquhar Arts Festival to celebrate local artists and performers during the first weekend of the D&G Arts Festival.

Memory Maps

Spring - Summer 2019 This local project will provide illustrated maps on large boards of two walks. One heading north and the other south out of Sanquhar.

Part-time Residency Managers

Following a meeting of the MERZ Advisory Panel Alice Landy from Kirkconnel and Jess Sharpe from Sanquhar were appointed part-time Residency Managers to assist the Director and support the artist residencies, future exhibitions and events in and around Sanquhar.  

Simon Beeson : Sway’s SPUD Works

Simon Beeson of the Arts University of Bournemouth introduces the evolving arts centre in Sway, New Forest. Beginning as a studio thirty years ago the building developed a gallery and studios, a mobile gallery and studio and most recently five new studios with a residency option. MERZ and SPUD are exploring residency-swops, with local artists... Read More