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    CARDBOARD CONVERSATIONS was a lockdown project at MERZ involving local and international artists, primary school, college and university students. The project was coordinated ‘remotely’ by Lydia Brockless and Millie Laing-Tate of the Royal College of Art. Due to lockdown restrictions on gallery visits the exhibition served as the ‘stage-set’ for work to be assembled and then filmed. This involved discarded cardboard flat-packed sculptures sent by post or forwarded in the form of a digital photograph or film. Participants contributed from across Dumfries & Galloway, from further afield in Scotland, from the USA and from London. Millie and Lydia have been editing the final Cardboard Conversations video in the RCA studios this week and have just finished it! “We enjoyed working with the footage filmed at the gallery, using the participant’s accompanying letters and instructions to weave a kind of jigsaw narrative with our voices: it is a bit of a Collaged Conversation (in true Kurt Schwitters‘ style)!”
    Co-curators: David Rushton & Emma Ewan (MERZ), Millie Laing-Tate & Lydia Brockless (RCA Merziety)
    Participants: Alistair Innes, Anne Butler, Cat Robertson, David Rushton, Emily Tough, Emma Ewan, Gabriel James Mansfield, Hans K Clausen, Hsi-Nong Huang, Joseph & Miriam Taylor, Kaela White, Kirsty Turpie, Lada Wilson, Lea Rose Kara, Marina Stavrou, Mary Pedicini, Olivia Irvine, Raine Talley, Ron Ziser, Sanquhar Primary P4, Steven He, Thomas Logan, Tim Taylor