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    Rhona Jack & Calum Wallis : Sculpture at MERZ

    Rhona Jack and Calum Wallis began work at MERZ last week. As the new artists in residence they’ve found the Coronavirus already impacting on their work by limiting local social contact.

    Yet their proposed mobile and kinetic sculptures still lend themselves to public input, if no longer as physically interactive as they’d like. Over the next few weeks the two artists will ask for your for ideas for their sculptures. These will be loosely based on industry and work processes found or once found in Upper Nithsdale: mining, weaving, knitting, forestry and agriculture. Public contributions on design and what to build are invited via the MERZ Facebook Page and Instagram.

    Look out for Rhona and Calum’s posts on Facebook starting in the next few days.

    With social meetings not advised for the foreseeable future Rhona and Calum’s ‘exhibition’ at the end of April will comprise a film of their work posted on Facebook which will hopefully reflect local (and more remote) contributions made via social media, perhaps as smart phone video clips or well as text?