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    Further Pottery News from MERZ

    Across four locations artists are seeking to find ways to make the clay from the Sanquhar clay-fields more malleable. There are several recommended additions to add to make clay it easier to work. As yet small quantities of epsom salts, bentonite and vinegar have not made much difference to the clay’s plasticity. In the last two centuries the local clay was primarily used for making bricks, with some decorative paving and roof finials. Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow was built from the hard-wearing Sanquhar bricks. Here small pots have been build and fired successfully in the community kiln at A’ the Airts and we await the firing of a pot thrown at Clay Works Studios in Dumfries. Regardless of whether or not we are able to increase the working characteristics of our local clay we will experiment with moulds based on the distinctive patterns and designs that originated in Sanquhar. More to follow (hopefully) … and meanwhile suggestions to add ‘plasticity’ very welcome!!