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    Amy Marletta & Denise Zygadlo : As the moon sees it


    The Museum of Model Art’s exhibition ‘As the moon sees lt‘ by Amy Marletta & Denise Zygadlo also features a tribute to the Dada artist Hannah Höch, the celebrated pioneer of photomontage. A sample of soft furnishing elements for the Hanna Höch art-house on the sculpture green at MERZ forms part of the exhibition. Opening on Saturday 21st December at 6:00pm and thereafter by appointment. On the 25th January Amy and Denise will be participating in a MERZ Collage Seminar run by American collage artist, curator, writer Ric Kasini Kadour (publisher of Kolaj). The Seminar includes a workshop by Rhed Fawell, convenor of the Edinburgh Collage Collective. Ric will be artist in residence at MERZ from 7th January to 21st February .