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    Noam & Rachel Libeskind : The Laniakea Supercluster at Cosmic Collisions

    MERZ Studio, Sanquhar

    Cosmologist Noam Libeskind and artist Rachel Libeskind worked together to represent the Liniakea Supercluster at the Cosmic Collisions exhibition at MERZ in Sanquhar. Son and daughter of the architect Daniel Libeskind they are exhibiting alongside their father who is showing designs for the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics at Durham University. From the Ogden Centre Carlos Frenk has installed two galaxy making machines which are a fun way to learn how galaxies form. The exhibition also features new work by landscape artist Charles Jenks with his designs and resin panels reflected on a larger scale in this year’s new work installed at the nearby Crawick Multiverse. The exhibition runs through to 10th September and is accompanied by a series of talks titled Cosmic Conversations at A’ the Airts, also in Sanquhar. For further details go to and our Facebook Page

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