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MERZ Workshop occupies the buildings and yard of Sanquhar’s former lemonade factory.

MERZ’s objective is to re-use and recast narratives exploring reconstruction and fabrication in the arts.

MERZ draws as a metaphor on Kurt Schwitters’ assemblages and the conceptual and protagonistic approach of Analytical Art and the early Art & Language.

MERZ offers residency accommodation for artists and authors including workshop and exhibition spaces and provides filmed exposition of work/ideas for TV, social media or archive.

MERZ provides a rural hub for touring, swapping and exchanging art-as-idea among artists, collectives and progressive galleries, supporting the virtual as well as the physical visitor.

The Museum of Model Art is a recent addition to MERZ. The Museum occupies the town’s former abattoir and the site includes ZIPStudio and the Sculpture Green with its Kurt Schwitters and Hannah Höch art-houses.


MERZ Exhibitions

MERZ Films

Kurt Schwitters has left the building