MERZ Workshop occupies the buildings and yard of Sanquhar’s former lemonade factory.

MERZ’s objective is to re-use and recast narratives exploring reconstruction and fabrication in the arts.

MERZ draws as a metaphor on Kurt Schwitters’ assemblages and the conceptual and protagonistic approach of Analytical Art and the early Art & Language.

MERZ provides residency accommodation for artists and authors including workshop and exhibition space providing filmed exposition of work/ideas for TV, social media or archive.

MERZ offers a hub for touring, swapping and exchanging art-as-idea among artists, collectives, progressive galleries supporting the virtual as well as the physical visitor.



One of several arts projects being run this Summer by A’ the Airts in Sanquhar for the seven weeks of the school holidays. Jade Davidson... Read More

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Kurt Schwitters has left the building