We hope the MERZ Self-Funded Residencies will be able to resume in Spring 2021 and so we are taking ‘tentative’ bookings (without deposit).

Our Residency and Studio Accommodation meet current quarantining and social distancing criteria. If interested contact us by email at hello@merz.gallery  

See Films of work by our Artists in Residence as well as coverage of exhibitions and workshops at MERZ and the Museum of Model Art. Coming up in 2020, KNHO a pop-up film theatre and the art-houses, for short stays by artists, walkers and cyclists.

The Museum of Model Art is a recent addition to MERZ. The Museum occupies the town’s former abattoir and the site includes ZIPStudio and the Sculpture Green with its Kurt Schwitters and Hannah Höch art-houses.

See Residencies for opportunities … 

Kurt Schwitters has left the building